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Our officer on deployment

“My time with the company was both fulfilling and dynamic, contributing to my professional growth in a collaborative environment. The company's management exemplifies excellence, consistently displaying a balance of visionary leadership, employee empowerment, and a steadfast commitment to both innovation and a positive work culture.”

Kelvinderjit Singh - Senior Security Officer

"Thriving in a dynamic security environment, my time with Focus Security Services Pte Ltd has been a rewarding journey of 6 years, marked by unwavering dedication and continual growth. I'm excited to leverage my skills and contribute further to new challenges ahead."

H.K.Wang - Senior Security Officer

“As member of Focus security services. I worked as Security supervisor. In my current role, I'm responsible for supervising a team of security personnel and ensure that all duties are carried out properly. I was exposed to a wide range of responsibilities and pick  up new knowledge along the way. Working experience at Focus security services taught me the importance of responsibility and teamwork.”

Tong Yue Chen - Senior Security Supervisor

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