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20 years of excellence in the Security Industry


Condo in Singapore

Condominiums AND Residences

At Focus Security, we recognize condominiums as the cherished homes of many families. To ensure the professional execution of our duties, we proactively familiarize ourselves with the estate's By-Laws. Tailoring comprehensive solutions—incorporating both manpower and technology—we complement the MCST's By-Laws effectively.

This strategic approach not only enhances property security but also contributes to cost reduction for the MCST, fostering a secure and budget-conscious environment. Our commitment is to align our services seamlessly with the unique needs of each condominium estate, promoting safety, efficiency, and financial prudence.

Malls in Singapore

Retail Stores, Boutiques AND Hotels

Our team is equipped with both security and exceptional customer service training, ensuring a professional execution of duties to uphold the quality of guest experiences. 

In addition to security training, our officers are adept in shoplifting prevention techniques, enabling them to deter, detect, and promptly report any potential shoplifting activities.


This dual expertise guarantees a secure and welcoming environment for both guests and clients alike.


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Events in SIngapore


The key to successful events lies in effective management and security. At Focus Security, we prioritize communication with event organizers, ensuring all requirements are met. We firmly believe that communication is paramount for the success of event security. 

Our highly trained Events Team operates with professionalism and expertise, allowing event organizers to focus on other aspects while entrusting security to our dedicated  Management Team. This collaborative approach guarantees seamless event execution and provides organizers the confidence to efficiently manage various aspects of their events.

Commercial Buildings in Singapore


At Focus Security, we enhance building security by seamlessly integrating our manpower with cutting-edge technology. This not only fortifies the building's security but also optimizes cost, enabling individuals and businesses to operate with increased efficiency and confidence in the knowledge that their security needs are well-managed. 


Our commitment lies in providing smart and cost-effective security solutions that contribute to a secure and conducive environment for both workplaces and offices.

Automated Security Solutions in SIngapore

Autonomous Security Solutions

Achieving a guard-less security system involves more than just installing gates and CCTV, as these solutions lack practicality in efficiently managing visitors and security threats. At Focus, our autonomous projects go beyond technology, incorporating high-end solutions. 

Additionally, our Emergency Response Team is dedicated to promptly addressing incidents, ensuring a physical guard is on-site when needed. We believe in comprehensive security that seamlessly integrates advanced technology with responsive human support, providing our clients with a robust and effective autonomous solution.

Personal Protection in Singapore


Our highly trained Protection Officers prioritize client safety. In addition to the physical presence of these officers, they are all connected to our 24/7 Command Centre. 

This central hub actively monitors the movements of our valued clients, providing an extra layer of security and reassurance.

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