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Unwavering Vigilance




We are glad that Focus Security Services has always been so responsive and attentive to our requests. Without the support from your head office, we believe that our Security Team will not be as strong. The Remote Gate Guard System was also implemented by your company to handle visitors. This system is great as it allows the MA and Council to view the daily traffic flow and can track the car if needed. We hope that your Company will continue with this great service.


Miss Ong Shi Yan,

Condominium Manager

Dear Focus Security Services, | am pleased to inform you that | received a compliment from a Visitor of our Building regarding your Artificial Intelligence Barrier. Back then, our Barriers was often reset by our Security Officer deployed at the Back Entrance which would take a longer time as the Security Officer will need to physically use the key to open the Gantry.


However, with your Al Barrier, resetting of the barriers are automated and the way our patrons are handled by your HQ 24/7 Command Centre whenever the Gantry malfunctions is very professional. Not only are we able to reduce manpower and save cost with your Service but | personally feel that your Al Barrier has improved our Building's Security to a new level. | look forward to you continuing your great service.


Mr. Rashid,
Building Manager

We would like to express our Compliments to Focus Security Services for doing a fantastic job in our Estate. The Remote Gate Guard system installed by your Company has also allowed us to save cost while enhancing our Estate's Visitor Management. | strongly believe that with the Integration of your manpower and technology, you have proven to our Estate that your Performance has greatly been optimized.


Mr. Albert Tan,
Condominium Manager

Hi, Focus, | would like to personally thank you for the great service rendered for our Event. Your Security Service enabled my team to concentrate on other aspects of the Event and we felt like Security was really taken care professionally by you guys. Please convey my gratitude to your Officers too who were really very service centric and punctual in not only their attendance throughout the Event but also, they were super punctual to meet any ad-hoc instructions given by my team. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we only managed to give you guys 1-week lead time to ensure that our Events run smoothly. To be honest, | didn't think that you guys could make it with 1-week lead time and wasn't expecting too much from you guys but I'm glad to say that you guys proved me wrong. We will definitely engage your Services again for our future events. Happy New Year to you guys!.


Miss Amelia Sia,
Events Director

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